The Spinning Mind

So I got into the ZONE today. I was a cup of coffee and 1 cigarette in and ready to GO! I HAD to let some music out my body!! So I did; and I did some blogging, recorded, just about got the new song (Whisperin Wind) tacked down, remembered to eat around 11am, stretched...I figured I was in the zone and set off to the mountains to get some more stuff recorded.

My buddy Pat showed me an awesome out-cropping of rocks jetting out of a hillside and that's where I ended up. Forgot headphones, mic stand....and, oh yeah, PRACTICING these older songs that I hadn't touched in 2-3 weeks!! "HaHa" on me! I might have something I can salvage out of the mess...(definitely not...i checked...and definitely not). So I ended up getting 1&1/2 songs recorded, packed it up, sat back and pondered on the chaos of the day. Granted, it was beautiful chaos, but chaos all the same HaHaHa!!

I LOVE getting carried away with something positive and moving at warp speed with it!! But, for me, this creative process is more rewarding, in the long run, when I step out of the manic spinning craziness that is my mind, and slow it down.