"I hang a memory 'round my neck

To ease the burden in my chest

Remember child...To breathe..."

  A few years back, though it always seems like yesterday, a friend gifted me with this necklace after a long, AMAZING walk through the woods. He introduced me to the notion of "The here and now... The present moment". It was only a concept to me then, having spent most of my life, hidden in my the past...and so COMPLETELY unaware of the beauty that exists in each moment! So it's kinda my every-day reminder, though somedays it's deeply subconscious, that, it's ok to breathe, drink your coffee while listening to each bird usher in the morning sun in its own way, and let the moment envelope each and every one of your senses...allowing the multitude of thoughts to come and your breath

  The mind's an amazing thing! The way that we develop patterns without any perceived effort, whether good or bad, and how these patterns can become hardened/cemented into our existence, until they seem to be a "part" of us as's mind-bending at times. Yet, in my experience this far, I've learned that I'm responsible for creating "Heaven" or "Hell" in each moment. Someday's that's a KILLER realization (killer being a good thing)!! Somedays...not so much...the necklace becomes heavy, and I lose "The Moment" as I make the quick leap back into my mind, losing touch...staying safe...

  Life, with its ebb and flow, seems to have an intelligence all its own, knowing when you need a kick in the ass to get you (the REAL you) back on track...creating heaven...

  It was a stiflingly muggy friday morning at work as we roll up to the first job. Nothing out of the ordinary, someone cutting grass had busted the tempered glass in a patio door, and we were there to replace it. My mind is there, but it feels like I'm mentally multi-tasking as i'm also pondering how to make music for a living versus cutting glass for the rest of my life. Then we meet the customer, and within the first two sentences of introductions, the customer makes a comment that hurtles me back into the present..."This will be a sad, but a good day"... I look up and the older gentleman had tears welling up in his eyes, as he went on to tell us how his wife, of 50 years, had gone into seizures when she heard the glass break, because it had scared her so bad. She had died 5 days later............

  These are the moments that seem to bring everything back into the reality of NOW. And then you take a breath, make an attempt at vocalizing some comforting words to ease his pain, and continue on with each moment.....later on, realizing all you have is stay here:)

  This was a beautiful bummer...a moment in time where I want to be able to close my eyes, breathe in, and exhale some words of comfort and light, or at least emit a glow of care, when there are no words to say. This magic occurs only in the present....

So STAY PRESENT, BREATHE, and hold your loved ones CLOSE:)



"Throwing the Switch"

I know, I know, I guitar has a horrible ground:) Hope y'all can tough it out and possibly enjoy:) For more of the story behind this series of hiccups and speed bumps that morphs into a song, check out the blog

  So, I've got a ton of random points that stuck out to me after I made this video which will make this more of a rant of sorts rather than a blog...but, for the sake of blogs, we'll call it a blog:

  • So I learned that there is something horribly undoing about the glowing red circle on any recording device. This was a typical Saturday morning, clothes washing in the next room, 2 cups of coffee down, working on the 3rd, Instagram's all checked, world news shows me that things are still...well we're still here, and I pick up my Lady (a.k.a my guitar), and in 1 take I NAILED this new tune that I've been picking on!! Musically, Vocally, Lyrically...EVERYTHING was in sync!!! Then I touched the GODDAMN red button!! HAHAHA!! And now you have this bumpy ride through the writing/playing of music.
  • The mind is SOOOO interesting to me! How; in the course of a couple minutes you can move through the lush green fields of focus (Toss in a splash of variable/distraction) to the barren tundra of fear/panic. I chuckled when I first watched this, because I was able to see my mind working through the speed bumps, and settling back into place (for the most part:) 
  • There's an odd nervous twinge that grabs me whenever I'm attempting anything involving even the slightest bit of pressure; but, MAN it feels good to move through it!! The art of laughing at oneself is invaluable!! Take, for instance, my one and only unblemished V-Neck white T-Shirt (making it automatically my favorite); totally a belly shirt!! HAHAHAHA!!! And now I know, and new shirts are on the way:)
  • I wonder why the humming (bad ground) subsided when it did? Was my mind in full focus? Had I worked through enough distraction? Did the words work some magical spell over my electronics? Or maybe it was just random...
  • This is a new song, and it's essentially a description of an evening. I'm fresh off of work, everything in me is exhausted, and all I want to do, is sit back in my Crazy Creek, and watch the day end...

  I don't have the best record of handling stress in the healthiest of ways, just ask the guys I work with:) It's a haunting flaw, hahaha. But, due to happenstance, the normal levels of stress have BLOWN through my over-sensitive atmosphere!!! HAHAHAHA!! I'm learning new things about myself each day...and they're not always pretty...

  However, there are those epic moments in life (they come preferably at the top of a mountain, where your senses are doing their best to simply struggle taking everything in, or in the time lapse of a solitary glance from your love) where the perfection and beauty of the moment can in NO way be transferred into a picture or something technological. Even though you give chase as if you could ever touch...some moments are SO PURE, that they're sole purpose is the experience of the moment...That was the moment I experienced, just hanging out on my tailgate, watching the day fade, wondering when all of this sudden pressure would subside...I think the key is in letting go (because, realistically, how much control do I REALLY have), flowing, breathing, and LOTS of laughing at myself:) 

Let me know whatcha think:)

"Today I Chose Words"

So this was TOTALLY supposed to be posted nearly two months ago....and then life got CRAZY for a bit:) it goes

It's been and interesting Spring so far this year. Or maybe Im just more aware of the change...That would be AMAZING!! However; it's more likely that: the colors are just THAT gorgeous, The scents are THAT spectacular, And the new life is THAT inspiring

The issue then becomes, removing your ass from the dropped tailgate (upon which you are perched, soaking in the soothing evening light) and putting movement to I chose words