Chasing Embers Cover2.jpg

Chasing Embers

by Christopher Michael Hammock

These tunes are simply a culmination of what, at the time, seemed to be the darkest part of life I had ever chosen to walk through. There’s something damn-near indescribable that seems to awaken in the human heart, when we find ourselves face to face with…ourselves; the good, the bad, the indifferent…self. Moments of reflection, casting light into the dark if you will, give rise to something beautiful…


The Spruce Tree Sessions

by Christopher Michael Hammock

There once was a magical giant that stood outside my apartment. She would great me each morning from my second story window, and seemed to love having company hang-out under her outstretched branches in the evening. I miss this beautiful spruce...

Three of the four tracks were recorded under her branches on a beautiful evening (as you will DEFINITELY notice the background world in motion), and the fourth is the final summation of lessons taken and great fullness given to this exceptionally extraordinary Tree


The Dark Corner_Fotor.jpg

The Dark Corner

by Christopher Michael Hammock

Being human...it's a balancing act. This is a simple tune about that balance...more-so  the imbalance, and how it affects those closest to you

Hope you enjoy:)